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Do I need prior experience to be in the Color Guard?

No! We will teach you everything you need to know about color guard and how to be a successful member! Backgrounds in dance, cheer, theatre, or any performing group are always helpful but are not required in any way!

When do you practice?

The color guard practices as part of the marching band during the 1st semester. We attend all marching band summer camps, rehearsals, football games, and contests. During the 2nd semester, we typically rehearse two times a week after school and on some Saturdays. We also attend contests on certain weekends throughout the Spring.

Does Color Guard count toward a PE credit?

Yes, it does! Participation in the marching band counts as a half-credit towards your PE requirements! 

Participation in the 2nd semester counts as a fine arts credit.

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SGP Warrior Band 2023 - 8 Bit

SGP Warrior Band 2022 - Burtonesque

SGP Warrior Band 2021 - Danza De Los Muertos

SGP JV Winter Guard 2022 - True Colors

SGP Varsity Winter Guard 2022 - All I Ask

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The Color Guard/Winterguard is open to all South Grand Prairie High School students.

During the Fall semesters, the guard participates in all marching band events. In the Spring, the guard participates in WGI and NTCA contests, parades, and other community events.

Membership carries the following responsibilities:

•Attendance at all rehearsals, sectionals, clinics, and performances•

•Attendance at summer guard camp•

•Enrollment in Color Guard class (6th Period) is a year long commitment•

•Maintain academic eligibility•
•Abide by SGP Warrior Band Handbook policies•

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